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About Misawa Video Library

I have started posting videos on YouTube. Please check back here periodically to see what new videos of the Misawa area are available. For folks that have been here in the past, I hope some of these clips bring back pleasant memories. For those of you who are on their way to Misawa, it will give you some idea of what is going on over here. If you have a loved one stationed here or are just curious, these will give you some indication of we do for fun and entertainment in the northern Japan. Enjoy!

LAKE OGAWARA AT LUNCH - A quick peek at the lake from the Golf Course, also showing that the Elephant Cage is gone.

MIKOSHI PARADE - Midoshi is a portable shrine that can be carried from place to place.

BON ODORI - This is Obon Dance. Obon is one of the most important holiday seasons in Japan.

PARADE FLOAT - This float is participating in the Misawa City Festival.

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