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Driving to Hirosaki

And other parts of Western Aomori Prefecture

  1. Exit the base from the main gate and turn right at the second traffic light (City Hall intersection).
  2. At the fourth traffic light, turn right again.
  3. Go straight through the first traffic light (across Main Street).
  4. This is route 8. Follow it for 17.4 KM. Then turn left at the traffic light onto Route 394 and go over the bridge.
  5. At .3 (three-tenths) of a KM turn right and go over another bridge.
  6. Continue straight (on a winding road) for about 2 KM where you will come to the intersection with Route 4.
  7. Go straight across Route 4 and you are on the Michinoku Toll Road.
  8. After about 20KM, you will come to a rest area on the left and a toll gate.
  9. Pay the ¥830 (at the time of this writing) and proceed along the Bypass.

Hirosaki Park

(Cherry Blossom and Chrysanthemum Festivals)


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Courtesy of Misawa ITT