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Local College Classes

The following is from Central Texas College:
Central Texas College offers Onsite and Online courses continually throughout the year. With a widespread amount of different degree programs available and campuses worldwide you can get your degree any time or anywhere. Airman interested in completing their credits towards a CCAF can also apply these courses to their degree plan as well. Central Texas College also offers an ESL Community Service Class for on base personnel interested in working on their conversational English.
For more details contact: Mrs. Marissa Bird, CTC Misawa Field Advisor. DSN 226-2723, Bldg 653, Rm 223 - email: misawa@pfec.ctcd.edu

These are the programs I am aware of here at Misawa.
If you know of others or can offer more info about undergrad, technical or graduate programs available here, please drop me a line.
My goal is to offer a complete listing of all post-secondary education opportunities available her at Misawa.