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18 - 21 February 2018

Festival Dance The Hachinohe Enburi Festival was originally held about 800 years ago to petition the gods for a good growing season and a bountiful harvest. Today it has evolved into a major event that is intended to also hasten the coming of spring.

Particpants perform ritual dances and wear special costumes that mimic clothing worn by farmers hundreds of years ago. They also wear elaborate headgear which is the key to making their petitions come true. The headgear is considered sacred. Dancers’ actions resemble the planting of rice and other farming actions.

Other dancers dress like ancient gods of good fortune. They dance in groups of five and there are about 40 different groups that take part throughout the four days of the festival.

How to get there

There are four different festival sites locacted in downtown Hachinohe at and near the City Hall. Check out the event map.

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