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Festival Float


(Chrysanthemum Festival)

Hirosaki's Kiku Matsuri is second only to the Cherry Blossom festival in popularity and beauty in north western Japan. This year the festival runs from 24 October until 9 November. Please contact Misawa ITT at 226-3555 for details.

Green pines and fiery maples of the surrounding Hirosaki Park provide the backdrop as flowers large and small crowd together with cascading arrangements and chrysanthemum dolls in one of northern Honshu's best chrysanthemum displays.

Admission is ¥300 for adults, ¥160 for Junior High and Elementary school kids.

Also check with Misawa ITT about tours available. As an alternative, you can take the train or even drive. Hirosaki is located in western Aomori Prefecture. See the map.

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