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This year's Salmon Festival will held on Saturday and Sunday, 16 and 17 November 2019. There will be many activities for all members of the family.

The main attractions are the Salmon Catch and Salmon Races that will go on throughout the weekend. There will also be entertainment, food and souvenir booths as well as a fireworks display on Saturday.

Entrance to the festival grounds is free but tickets to catch a fish are ¥1500 at the park. You can get an advance ticket at Misawa ITT in bldg 1044 or at the Shimoda Mall Information Booth. The ticket gets you into the pool to grab a salmon. This involves wading into an inches-deep pool filled with fish and grabbing one (with your hands, no nets allowed). They also have places that will clean and prepare the fish for you.

You may bring your own rubber boots and gloves for the Salmon Catch or you can rent them for 200 Yen at the park. Also, it can get cold when the wind blows so be sure to dress accordingly. You can always take the extra sweatshirt off if it gets too warm.

There are also prizes to be won. During the salmon catch sessions you can win a prize for best performance or best costume. There is a prize if you catch a tagged fish, the smallest fish. And finally, if you turn in your ticket stubb at the stage area, you will be entered in a drawing for other great prizes.


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