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5 - 11 February

There are three locations for the snow sculptures. If you take the base tour, they will get you to the statue sites. The base tours usually go on sale in early December. The base tours usually include side trips to Otaru and the Sappory Brewery. Both worthwhile stops.

If you go on your own, Makamonai site is quite far from downtown Sapporo and you would have to drive to get there, but honestly, it is very small and the least appealing to me. The other two sites are Odori Park and the main thoroughfare through the Susukino section of town. Both of these are outstanding. If you are in the downtown area, just look up and find the Sapporo Tower. It is in Odori Park. Susukino is the main entertainment district of Sapporo and its sculptures are smaller but are carved of solid ice. If you are not comfortable just venturing out into the city, you can ask for directions in any hotel or tell a taxi driver where you want to go.

I attended the 2004 Snow Festival. Believe me, this is a trip you don't want to pass up while you are here at Misawa. Below are a couple of the photos I took in Odori Park.
Hit of the 2004 festival NY Skyline at night
Huge ice sculpture of a palace with lights inside the ice. View of Odari Park from the Sapporo Tower

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