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There are probably not too many people around the base who know less than me about taxes. But I do know that I need help come tax time. With that in mind, I have located some useful links and other data that may come in handy for you as well.

Remember, tax returns are due on 15 April. Those of us stationed overseas have a two month extension. If you have a refund due, you just have to wait longer to get it. However, if you owe taxes, you must get your return postmarked by 15 April or pay the penalty.

The Misawa Tax Center will prepare your taxes for you. Give them a call at 226-3948 and make an appointment. They are located in the Sakura Building, across the street from the American Red Cross offices.

For those of you who want to do their own taxes but need a little help, IRS HOME PAGE. is much improved this year and a good place to start. You will find a variety of articles designed to help you and answer questions. Just click the link that covers the topic you are interested in.

If you are gonna file the old fashined way and don't have your forms yet, download them and get a head start on your filing. The above link to the IRS main page has a Forms Search Window where you can type the form number or name. Or go to Fairmark.com which lists categories of forms and publichations This may be a little easier to use if you don't know the exact form you need.

Capital Gains, IRA taxes and mutual funds issues got you scratching your head? Check out The Fairmark Press Tax Guide for Investors.

If you're like me and need help, The Misawa Air Base Tax Center offers free online tax filing services and they will help you complete your forms. Give the Misawa Tax office a call at 226-3948 for more info. Or if you would like or need more personal or "hands-on" help, there are several folks who do taxes as a home business. You can stop by the Housing Office and check their Home Business listing.

US Tax Code Online. Still having trouble or have specific questions? This site will let you search the US Tax Code for the subject you are having problems with.

If all else fails, FindLaw.com is a catch-all directory for tax help.

If you need help with your individual state taxes, look here for help under your State's link

You can download your tax information to include your W2 (1099R for retirees & annuitants) as well as withholding and other tax info from the MyPay website. You must create an account to use the site but its free and easy. Check it out.