Misawa's Security Hill
Heritage Hall Project

In an effort to capture and preserve the rich history of Misawa Security Hill contributions to the United States Cryptologic and Intelligence Communities and theater warfighters, the Misawa Cryptologic Operations Center (MCOC) presents Heritage Hall. This effort chronologically pieces together the evolution of the site, highlighting the legacy of personnel who have served here, through a careful blend of photo albums, individual pictures, uniforms and uniform items, mementos, plaques, trophies, personal letters, and other memorabilia. The project is managed by current members of the MCOC and supported by the personal contributions of the many military and civilian personnel previously assigned to the site. The MCOC Heritage Hall will serve as a lasting tribute to the many cryptologic comrades-in-arms who "served in silence."


For the history of the USAF's cryptologic operations on Misawa's Security Hill please take a minute to check out my book, "62 Years on the Hill". Thanks, Lee Martin.