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Base Facilities - 1

BX 1950
The Main BX - 1950
BX 1961
The Main BX - 1961
BX 2003
The Main BX - 2003
Along with the new commissary, located inside the
Main Gate where trailer housing used to be.

Old Commissary
Old Commissary 1976 photo
New Commissary
New Commissary

Class VI store 1976
Class VI Store, 1976
Current Class VI
The old Library became the Shoppette/Class VI in the 1990s-2000s.
The old Airman's Club was on the right of this building.
Library and Airmans Club used to be here
This parking lot was paved in 2015.
The fire hydrant and the circular ground it sits on
is the only remaining item from the old days
when the area held the library and Airman's Club.

New Shoppette
BTW, This is the new shoppette.

Old Club Mutsu
Club Mutsu (O club), 1976
New O Club
New Club Mutsu.

Old NCO Club (Rocker Club)
Old Rocker Club. 1960.
Later remaned to the Club Tohoku.
New Club Tohoku
New NCO club 2003.
Both new clubs sit where the hospital used to be.
Rocker Club gone
This is the lot on the hill where the
Rocker Club / Club Tonoku / (NCO Club) used to sit.
The depression in the side of the hill (shaded area0 is
where the old stairs to the front door used to be.

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