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Recreation and Places of Interest

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There are so many things to do in Misawa and the surrounding area. There are tours year round that are conducted by Misawa ITT. They travel all over Japan as well as to other locations in Asia. They will gladly take you with them.

But you don't have to take a tour to see the sights and have fun. The local area is just teeming with activities, events and locations of interest.

Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll let you know about thier tours and the sign up dates (and bunches of other things going on arund here too.

There is something to do in every season, exploring the pine forests is great fun - the pine is symbolic tree of the city. When you’re not out enjoying yourself there’s plenty to do inside - you’re never far from a wi-fi point to look at your Love Money or e-mail accounts. Remember the Japanese Sakura (cherry blossom) folk song: "Cone now, come, Let’s look, at last.

In the summer there is camping, fishing, hiking, festivals, sightseeing and many other liesure activities.

Fall in this part of the world is a beautiful place. The hills and countryside are beautiful in their autumn colors. The air is fresh and brisk and it's just a wonderful place to be.

Winter gets cold and we get our fair share of snow. But that's no reason to hunker down and pray for spring. Skiing, ice skating and sledding are great fun and good exercise too.

Spring brings rebirth and the most awesome sight of the season is the blooming of the Sakura or Cherry Blossoms. Spring is also the start of the festival season.

Summers are ushered in by the rainy season which turns into warm weather highlighted by a number of festivals, sports and activities.

So decide now that you're gonna see and do all that you can during your stay here. Believe me, you'll be much better off and the time will just fly. You work hard defending freedom and the nation. Enjoy your free time and soak up the culture while you can.

I'll do my best to provide much info as I can. This is a huge project and I'm only one person. Forgive me if some things have changed that I didn't know about. If you find a place that isn’s listed here, please use the "contact" link above and drop me a message about it so I can add it.